5 Ways to Detox During Ramadan

5 Ways to Detox During Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan can be the perfect time for us to detox and get rid of all our toxic  eating habits, feelings and emotions. This month can aid us to focus on our physical and mental  well-being through productive and positive ways. 

A Ramadan detox will help us cleanse our body, soul and mind. A healthy mind resides in a  healthy body. Therefore, it is crucial that we keep our bodies in good shape, spiritually,  emotionally, mentally, and physically.  

We have put together 5 ways on how to detox this Ramadan. 

1. Hydration:  

The best approach to flush toxins out of crucial organs is to drink water. To keep your body  hydrated, you should drink at least two liters of water each day. We added two Detox water  drinks, Orange Thyme detox water and Lemon Rosemary detox water in our Ramadan plan , to  ensure that you are hydrated, improve your digestive tract, and boost your immunity.  

2. Add Probiotics 

Yogurt, kimchi, raw cheese, and other probiotic-rich foods contain beneficial microorganisms.  Consuming such meals daily during iftar will improve your gut health and get you back in shape. 

3. Increase your protein consumption 

Protein is essential for tissue and muscle growth and repair, thus including an adequate amount  of protein in your diet throughout Ramadan is critical to coping with muscle or tissue loss  during the fasting period. You can improve your nutrition by including lentils, chicken, or  sprouts in your diet. Our Ramadan meal Plan has a variety of protein rich food for you to  choose from.  

4. Add some leafy greens.

Broccoli, spinach, cabbage, kale, and other green leafy vegetables are high in antioxidants and  enhance the immune system. These vegetables also reduce bloating and clean the  gastrointestinal system. 

5. Processed foods are a big no-no. 

By avoiding processed meals as much as you can, you can cut back on your consumption of  added sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. 

Finally, let us cleanse both our inner and outer selves to become better versions of ourselves,  by making the correct dietary decisions throughout Ramadan. During the holy month of  Ramadan, we have made a Ramadan plan to provide you with a healthy and detoxing diet that  you will require. 


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