Healthy Eating Habits for Busy Moms

Healthy Eating Habits for Busy Moms

A mom may have made perfectly cut organic vegetables and fruits, whimsically shaped sandwiches, or elaborate kid-friendly charcuterie boards on any given day. But, what about her own health? How much time and resources does she spend on taking care of herself? A mom would be lucky to fit in a workout once a week if she has a busy schedule. It feels like a luxury for a mother to take the time to prepare her own nutritious lunch rather than eating her children's leftovers or fast food.

Mother’s day is the perfect time for you to start taking control of your health and get rid of unhealthy habits. We will discuss several habits a mother can adopt, in order to encourage a healthier lifestyle. 

  1. Prepare a Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List

If you prepare an early meal plan for the coming week, and you have each meal planned as well as the ingredients, staple items, and necessities listed for the meals and snacks, there is no need to purchase anything that you don’t need. You can also consider purchasing a meal plan if you prefer receiving healthy cooked meals, without wasting any time or effort.

This can help in making your shopping trip quicker, save time and money, and discourage those not-so-healthy on a whim purchases.

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water

This one may seem obvious, but water plays a main role in many aspects of our health. It’s entirely possible that what you think is hunger is actually thirst.

Staying well hydrated will help your body tell the difference between hunger pangs and thirst and also assist in multiple other functions throughout the day.

Try out our detox water for a full hydrating experience.

  1. Prepare Your Snacks Your Way

You should definitely take time out of the day to prepare your own set of snacks, considering that you don’t like your kid’s-approved snacks, you may not be setting yourself up for success.

Not having viable adult-approved healthy snack options can lead to unhealthier eating habits.

  1. Address Emotional Eating

Your everyday life may become significantly more stressful after becoming a mother. It can create struggles you never realized you could have. Some days, it's just all about survival, particularly when your kids are young. The ups and downs of motherhood can drive moms to the brink of frustration, loneliness, and despair. In these difficult times, mothers may turn to food for comfort rather than to satiate their hunger. Thus, emotional eating is unleashed, and things only get worse from there.

Hence, to tackle the situation, a mother should ask herself “Am I physically hungry? How else can I deal with this emotion?”

Like any habit, developing healthy eating habits requires time. As you gradually implement these adjustments in small steps, practice kindness and patience toward yourself.

Our meal plans can be great assistance for a mom to keep up with her busy lifestyle, at the same time to adopt healthy eating habits.

Happy Mother’s Day from Fitlab! May all mothers always be happy and healthy.


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